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When it comes to hand sanitisers use a product that the professionals use and trust - when it comes to health nobody can afford to take chances or compromise

Cool Industries ONLY distribute what we believe are probably the best and most effective Sterile hand santiser products in the world produced by INEOS this is a product supplied to and trusted by the NHS

Their are many hand sanitisers on the market, however, it is important that if you are using a product to kill germs, bacteria and reduce the risk of harmful virus that you use a product that does what it says it does.  How many products actually do that, buying purely the least expensive product can not only be false economy, but you could be placing yourself seriously at risk. However, you can be sure that INEOS hand sanitisers do exactly what they say they do with the range of proven hospital grade sterile sanitisers

Available now to Businesses, retailers and direct to the public

CALL TODAY ON 01386 429 000 OR Email us [email protected] for further details and pricing

A range of Sterile hand sanitisers and surface SPRAYS

We supply and distribute the INEOS range of Sterile Sanitising Products to businesses and retailers. These can also be purchased by the public directly on our online store coming soon as this page is developed further


INEOS are one of the largest Petro-Chemical manufacturers in the world with a truly global presence and operate to the veryhighest of standards.

INEOS are the worlds largest producer of Ethanol the main active ingredient used in most Hand Sanitisers

- The Formula used by INEOS Hand sanitisers is to WHO standards

- INEOS Hand Santising products are 100% British from raw ingredients to packaging

-These are a hospital grade range of hand santising products supplied to and trusted by The NHS

- INEOS Hygienics are the Principle Partner promoting The Mercedes AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team and financially demonstrating their commitment to the product range.


INEOS HYGIENICS Information Video's


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ZERO DAYS - Back to School Prepare Protect & Control

INEOS Sporting Hygiene Principles


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